Students, Parents, and Guardians:

Reynolds Secondary School is an outstanding school with a reputation for: strong academic programming; extensive athletic opportunities; a comprehensive fine arts program; and significant opportunities for leadership, service and environmental education. In addition we offer a wide variety of electives and extracurricular opportunities with outstanding teachers that are dedicated to your success and achievement.

Use this planning tool wisely and enjoy your many choices and options.

This document is an Index of all the classes we offer, and includes quicklinks to their descriptions:

Reynolds Course List 2024-2025


Starting grade 9 in September 2024:

Grade 8 Class of 2028 Welcome

2024-25 Grade 9 FRAL Course Selection

2024-25 Grade 9 English Course Selection




Starting grade 10 in September 2024:

2024-25 Grade 10 Course Seletion


Starting grade 11 in September 2024:

2024-25 Grade 11 Course Selection


Starting grade 12 in September 2024:

2024-25 Grade 12 Course Selection


Grade 9

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Grade 10

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English Pathway

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Grade 11

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Grade 12

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